Quantify Water reduces water spend by 10-30% in all types of industrial, commercial, and large residential facilities


Payback of 2 years or less, 50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI, guaranteed savings, and quick installation (one-hour water shutoff)

Note: The underlying technology is called Smart Valve

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Utilities Overcharge You For Water

  •  As water flows through the utility’s pipes, it creates turbulence, which introduces a lot of air into the pipes that carry water from the utility to your facility

  • The meter that utilities use for measuring your water usage measures the volume of both water and air flowing through the pipe (not just the water)


  • Because of this, up to 30% of the water usage that the utility records is actually just air


  • Therefore, your facility is getting overcharged for water by the utility by up to 30% 

Quantify Water's Technology

  •  The innovative Quantify Water valve is installed in the water pipe near the meter on the property side

  • For the flow of water coming in from the utility, the valve compresses the air bubbles into the flow of water – so nearly 100% of what’s flowing through the meter is water, and so the utility only bills you for the water you use (and not air)


  • After the valve, the air once again decompresses, though to a pressure that’s 2-5% lower that the level prior to the valve – which results usually in a 2-5% reduction in water usage


  • The air compression lowers your water bills by 10-30% 

10 Key Advantages

  1. Reduce water costs by 10-30% in all types of industrial, commercial, large  residential facilities

  2. Compelling economics: Payback of 2 years or less, 50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI

  3. Guaranteed savings: you only pay once we demonstrate the savings

  4. Financing option available with no upfront capex

  5. Quick installation which typically needs one hour water shutoff

  6. Industry-leading 10-year warranty, no ongoing maintenance or opex

  7. 10-30% savings are additive to other water efficiency initiatives

  8. Externally adjustable valve – can be calibrated even after installation

  9. Patented technology

  10. Designed and manufactured in the US


Validated by Texas A&M University

Texas A&M report.png
  •  Texas A&M University’s Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) ran a validation study in August 2019 for the Smart Valve technology through a grant