Corporations spend up to 5% of their revenue on energy. How much are energy costs hijacking your profit margins?


Reduce your electricity costs by 3-12% with a payback of less than 2 years with our innovative electricity recycling technology


Contact us below or call us at 917-268-1234 to get started with a free energy savings analysis 

Selected Clients

Press Mentions

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Selected Clients

Press Mentions

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The methodology behind our technology was originally developed by the Navy for nuclear submarines. We adapted it for commercial and industrial buildings and designed it with the MIT Design Lab.

The Technology

  •  Quantify Power's proprietary technology captures the energy in an electrical system that would otherwise be wasted and recycles it back into the system as useful energy


  • It captures harmonic distortion and instead of heat sinking it, cleans and recycles it back into the system to feed the electrical load


  • Unlike power factor correctors/ capacitor banks, Quantify Power actually reduces the kWh consumption and kW demand, which results in 3-12% electricity savings


  • Quantify Power units are compact (14"12"x8" - about the size of a large briefcase), and are installed at the main distribution panels and other sub-panels in a facility; they are UL-listed


  • They can be easily installed (in less than a day), require no facility downtime, and need no ongoing maintenance and operating expense, and have a 10-year warranty


  • The first step for us is to analyze the last 12 months of electric bills to figure out the exact level of savings and the upfront cost - approximate upfront capex is roughly 3-6 weeks of electric spend 

10 Key Advantages

  1. Installed in thousands of facilities in 44 states since 1993, designed and manufactured in the U.S.

  2. Compelling economics: 3-12% savings, payback of 2 years or less, 50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI

  3. By reducing your electricity spend by 3-12%, every dollar saved goes straight to your bottom line

  4. Industry-leading 10-year warranty, significant life beyond (20+ year old units still running)

  5. Simple installation, no downtime for facility, no ongoing maintenance or operating expenses

  6. Superior to power factor correction: reduces the actual kWh consumption and kW demand

  7. The 3-12% savings are additive to other energy initiatives (LED lighting, HVAC improvements,…)

  8. Financing options available with no upfront CapEx and savings from day 1

  9. Payback through actual energy savings, not counting government incentives rebates/ credits

  10. Sustainable: reduces electricity use, reducing harmful emissions (Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide)

Video Testimonial

Video by FedEx Forum (the arena for the Memphis Grizzlies) talking about our technology

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Note: Quantify Energy is the sole marketer and distributor for Continental Power Corp’s Powerworx technology, which is white labeled as Quantify Power

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Contact us below or call us at 917-268-1234 to get started with a free energy savings analysis

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