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Quantify Gas reduces natural gas spend by 10-30% in all types of industrial, commercial, and large residential facilities


Payback of 2 years or less, 50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI, guaranteed savings, and quick installation (less than 1 hour, no shutdown)

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The Problem

  •  Natural gas (and other carbon-based fuels like propane, oil, diesel, and gasoline) are used as fuel for heat, hot water, cooking, and industrial applications – e.g. in a furnace or boiler

  • The hydrocarbon molecules in these fuels tend to cluster together,  because of this, a significant percentage of the molecules don’t get access to the oxygen molecules


  • Access to oxygen is critical for even combustion of the fuel

  • Therefore, a certain percentage of the hydrocarbon molecules go unburnt – due to which a 10-30% extra fuel needs to be burnt to produce the same amount of heat 

Selected Clients

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The Quantify Gas Solution

  •  We install 3-10 rings of specially polarized magnets around the fuel feeder pipe close to the point of combustion at the furnace or boiler (or other combustion point of the fuel)

  • The magnetic forces from these rings pull apart the clustered hydrocarbon molecules prior to the point of combustion, which separates them to allow a greater number of oxygen molecules to attach themselves just prior to combustion

  • Because of this, a greater percentage of hydrocarbon molecules get burnt, due to which generating the same amount of heat uses 10-30% less fuel

  • Additionally, this cuts down on the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 50%+ and Nitrogen Oxide emissions by 10%+

10 Key Advantages

  1. Reduce natural gas spend and consumption by 10-30% every year

  2. Payback of 2 years or less, 50%+ IRR, 400%+ ROI

  3. Guaranteed savings

  4. Quick installation (in minutes) with no cutting/shutdown/disruption

  5. Portable: installed with screws/ clamps, can be easily moved

  6. Industry-leading 10-year warranty, no ongoing maintenance or opex

  7. Financing option available with no upfront capex

  8. Applicable to nearly all commercial, industrial, and residential facilities

  9. Lowers carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 50%+

  10. Can be deployed globally in all  countries

Installation And Operations

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  •  Installation is very straightforward: a number of Quantify Gas rings (3-10) would need to be installed around the fuel feeder pipe close to the point of combustion

  • Installation can be done by anyone – does not require a specialist to install or any specialized tools (just a screwdriver) and can be done in about 5 minutes

  • Once installed, there is not ongoing operating expense, maintenance, or servicing needed, and the rings are covered under our 10-year warranty