Quantify Air is a cloud-based software  that can lower cooling electricity costs by 20-30% in commercial buildings

(saving up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year)

Minimal capex (usually $10-20K) with a shared savings model where you keep 55% of the savings

Note: The underlying technology is called QCoefficient

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Selected Clients

Sears Tower​ (Chicago): $250,000 in annual savings

NY HQ of Global Bank: $400,000 in annual savings

Chicago National Retail HQ: $240,000 in annual savings

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Link to DOE study


Note: the underlying technology is called QCoefficient

The Technology

  •  Cloud-based software solution that shifts the load of cooling in commercial buildings from the most expensive times (in the afternoon) to the cheapest times (at night)

  • Our software securely plugs into the building's existing BAS (Building Automation System) and doesn't require any modifications to the BAS

  • The software dynamically controls the temperature setpoints in a BAS to cool the building at night when electricity is cheapest, using the building materials (concrete, drywall) as a storage medium to store the cold

  • Temperatures are  raised in the warmest parts of the day (when electricity is  most expensive) and the cold that was stored in the building’s inner surfaces emanates  to cool the building

  • We dynamically integrate electricity prices, weather, demand charges, and building operating data to automatically manage temperature setpoints, but can be manually overridden if needed

  • We only control the zone temperature setpoints in a building but do not directly control HVAC components (chillers/ fans/ pumps) or operating protocols – which lowers any potential risks 

10 Key Advantages

  1. Lower cooling electric spend by 20-30% (often hundreds of thousands of dollars a year)

  2. Strong potential to lower costs since cooling drives 50%+ of electric spend in warmer months

  3. Suitable for commercial buildings (offices, malls, airports, arenas, universities) incl. LEED Platinum

  4. Requires minimal upfront CapEx (typically $10-20K)

  5. Performance-based shared savings where you keep 55% of savings

  6. Subscription-based “as a service” model – cancel anytime

  7. Software solution - requires no downtime for install, plugs into existing BAS

  8. Fully automated, but can be manually overridden at any time

  9. Maintains and enhances tenant comfort - temperatures always stay in defined comfort range

  10. Sustainable: Reduces kWh usage by 10-15%, lowering emissions

“…[Quantify Air is] using office buildings in blocks, in groups as batteries, as storage in essence doing the same thing, and it’s going to happen all over the country, and it’s going to be a new paradigm for the electric industry.”

- Jon Wellinghoff, Former Chairman, FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)

Case Study: Sears Tower

  • Quantify​ Air was deployed in Sears Tower (now known as Willis Tower) in 2012

  • It is well known for being the tallest building in the world until 1998, and still remains the 2nd tallest building the Western Hemisphere

  • Quantify Air achieved $250,000 in annual cooling savings, 900 MWh in annual energy reduction, and 2 MW peak demand reduction

  • Chicago has some of the lowest electricity rates in the country – an equivalent building in New York would save show $500K-800K per year

  • Department of Energy (DOE) wrote an article about our installation at Sears Tower (Willis Tower)

Note: the underlying technology is called QCoefficient